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Turning Leftovers into Philly Steak sandwiches - by Bear Claw
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Author Topic: Turning Leftovers into Philly Steak sandwiches - by Bear Claw  (Read 2112 times)
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« on: June 25, 2011, 06:54:10 PM »

By our Contributing Editor: BearClaw!!
Turning Leftovers into Philly Steak sandwiches

This is going to be more a hint than a recipe, since there are so many ways you can go about it.

If your family is like mine, it is hard to get them excited about leftovers.  Especially twice leftovers.  This is a way to make leftovers into an entirely new meal.

I've done this with roasts and steaks, both venison and beef.

Ingredients:  As I said, this is more a hint than a recipe, but I'm going to give you a recipe for a basic Philly style beef or venison for subs.
1.  A pound or so of leftover beef or venison from steak or roasts cut across the grain into slices about 1/4 inch thick by 3 inches long.  It will get shorter at the ends, or across uneven pieces, but that won't matter.
2.  About a half onion (white or yellow, as you like) sliced into about inch long slivers per pound of meat.
3.  A half bell pepper (my wife prefers red and yellow peppers, and the flavor it nice, but follow your inclinations).
4.  A half tablespoon of cooking oil.  For a really traditional Philly steak taste, I like Olive Oil.  You could use a bit less, if you want to keep the fats down.
5.  A teaspoon of jarred chopped garlic.  You can also use a small amount of garlic powder (garlic salt is really too salty.) instead, but I like the way actual garlic seasons the pan as you prepare it.
6.  A half teaspoon of Italian seasoning.  In order to make it more Southwestern in flavor, I have substituted a half tsp of ground comino, with just a sprinkling of chili powder, rather than the Italian seasoning.  Last week, I used a splash of a seasoning called "Slap Yo' Mama", which is Cajun.  It all works.  The key is to prepare the meat the right way.

Start by placing the half tablespoon of cooking oil into a small pan (make sure that the pan is just about the right size for everything to fit.  Too large and the meat and ingredients don't get friendly, too small and you have a mess.  I usually use a 6 or 7" frying pan.  Turn the heat to medium, and put the onions, garlic, and peppers into the pan and cover.  When the onions are just glassy and translucent in color, put the meat in the pan and put the spices on top and cover, stirring every few minutes.  Continue to heat until the meat just begins to brown, and take off the heat.

Serve on Caesar buns, or rolls, as you like.  I prefer to get horseradish sauce (not the prepared horseradish, but the creamy sauce, similar to that served at Arby's.)  If you make the southwest style with comino and chili powder, it goes great on a tortilla.  Your choice.  But this is a great way to make leftovers a whole new meal!

Thanks BearClaw!! I will definitely give this one a try!

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